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  • The copper can be thicken?2014-07-15
    The purpose of immersion gold is to deposite nickel and gold that is in color stability,good brightness,coating level off and good solderability on the surface of board. It can be divided into fourstages: pretreatment (t…
  • Can you do Subwoofers board?2014-12-25
    V-cutting means when the board need panelization together,the edge line is not been entirely cut , only cut in each part of the obverse and the reverse, you can board into single pcs with your hands; the cutting groove s…
  • Can you make mobile phone charger pcb?2015-01-10
    When a PCB file contains several separate boards, that is called panel; Panel has several ways, such as completely cut open, V cutting, notching, stamps hole and etc; in general ,specials board panelization together are …
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