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1、Can you do the board which the track lower than the factory standard?
Yes, we can. But in order to ensure product rate, we put forward higher requirements, if your board circuit is precise, beyond factory capability, you can contact the customer service directly.

2、What is panel?
When a PCB file contains several separate boards, that is called panel; Panel has several ways, such as completely cut open, V cutting, notching, stamps hole and etc; in general ,specials board panelization together are not cost-effective, the normal price with the same quantity and technical requirements are cheaper.

3、How dose the panel board been delivery? Can we use V-cut to delivery?
Panel is been default as cut out before shipment, eed remark in the order requests as V cut, n.

4、What is V-cut? Can we use V-cut to delivery?
V-cutting means when the board need panelization together,the edge line is not been entirely cut , only cut in each part of the obverse and the reverse, you can board into single pcs with your hands; the cutting groove shaped like a V, so called V cut; Generally SMT need the v-cut. .

5、When should choose soldermask covering ?
A, For the beauty. B, Prevent short circuit when soldering, If you don't covered the holes , tin could fill the hole. The good for tin is hole resistance will be smaller, not easy to break.

6、What is immersion gold? When we use it ?
The purpose of immersion gold is to deposite nickel and gold that is in color stability, good brightness, coating level off and good solderability on the surface of board. It can be divided into four stages: pretreatment (take out oil, microetching, activation, soaking), immerse nickel, immerse gold, post-processing ( washing waste gold, DI water washing, drying).When you make the keypad, or pin, you may need immersion gold, immersion gold board is not easy to rust, with small contact resistance.

7、In what condition we need use lead HASL? Is it good to use?
Environmental protection orders always use lead free HASL, soldering temperature of lead free board is a little higher; For normal debugging , we suggest with HAL will be ok.

8、What is the common copper thickness of 2 layers pcb?
The common copper thickness is 35um.

9、The copper can be thicken?
Yes, just add remarks when you place the order,the cost may be higher.

9、The copper can be thicken?
Yes, just add remarks when you place the order,the cost may be higher.

10、Can you do Subwoofers board?
Of course ,we can.

11、Can you do carbon surface finishing?
yes, we can.

12、Can you make mobile phone charger pcb?
yes, we can.

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